Curacao Posters

I live for the time being on the small island of Curacao (Netherlands Antilles). So I wanted to create a few designs here and there for people to see. This project is a personal and fun project that I started late 2011 - early 2012 and slowly adding onto it over time. Mainly these are just ideas that I have had in my head for poster designs and such and designed them for everyone to see.

This piece I designed for fun. Just trying to keep the small island of Curacao clean.
This is my take on a kind of vintage style travel poster. 
Played around in PS CS6.
Come visit Curacao and soak up some sun.
This is an other vintage style poster I was going for as well.
Nothing is better then going on a journey on an old fashioned vespa and enjoying the wind.
So come alont and Ride the Breeze.
My first real attempt at a typography poster and as well as to use it for a t-shirt design.
I used the native language that is mainly spoken on the island called Papiamentu.
All the words that make up the name of the island are everyday sayings, greetings etc. etc..
Typography shirt of Curacao.
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